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the key to building a


Kudos, your generating leads!


A website, press releases, social media, SEO, etc. Lead nurturing will improve the result of your lead generation.  

Sort your leads

The sorting process is what is referred to as “lead scoring”.  If you’re in a more mature business and using primarily digital marketing to generate your leads, lead scoring and the entire marketing follow up process can be highly automated using marketing automation software in conjunction with website analytics. Marketing automation software tools are not  necessarily simple to use effectively, but with the correct understanding of both technology and marketing the process is fairly fundamental.

Follow-up at appropriate times and intervals

Following up at the right time and the proper number of times at the proper intervals is critical.. The Aberdeen Group says “On average, a lead requires 10 marketing-driven ‘touches’ to convert from the top of the funnel into a paying customer.” So out of sight, out of mind. This means that it’s very important to be persistent in your lead follow up. But it’s also very possible to alienate prospects by bombarding them with messages too frequently.

Choose the best messaging and content for each lead category and sales stage

This is the area that may be the most critical part of your lead nurturing process and probably the most difficult aspect of it to optimize. 

Test, measure, then test again

It’s important to  know what a “good lead” is. To make that judgment you need to have metrics to measure the results of your nurture marketing. So it’s important not only to categorize leads up front, but also to measure their effect on revenue and profitability.  So the approach to optimizing lead nurturing programs is very similar to demand generation activities. Continuously test each specific lead nurturing element independently and objectively, testing against alternative options.

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