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Relevance means customers are able to connect.


Creating a compelling, and contextual "OH WOW" or the "CURIOUS THOUGHT"... requires a commitment to Content Relevance, below are a few examples and there are so many more.


In Retail, a TV Video software start-up needed an identity for online sales. 

- This photo (in background) has been used as a long tail PPC campaign for over 10 years because its relevance creates millions of dollars of sales. The demographic was middle age men with families who used computers to create TV show DVDs.


In B2B, a billion dollar Reinsurance company wanted to change the industry with AI.

- Their market was "risk averse" Insurance Underwriters. With a marketing campaign and brand name KnowRisk this campaign disrupted the insurance industry. 


A BigData Analytics Start-Up needed to reach out to their target SAS Analytics prospects.

-  Positioning this consulting and advisory company with a "Start-Up Splash" was the kickstart to build a completely new market that needed the BigData power of SAS licensed products, new project initiatives and enhanced processes to leverage existing SAS investments better.  



A  Significant Quantum Computing Post-Doctorate Grant was awarded 

-  Presently the Post Doctorate group needed to communicate its ongoing efforts and breakthrough discoveries with content consistency, professionalism and authenticity. There was needed  a higher level content strategy from all involved. The result is a Post-Doctorate communications effort that consistently targets Key Performance project goals and the communications of their work... all authentically from their individual voices.


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