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"... Now people understand what we do and that's not easy! He brought our people together and harnessed their ideas, energy and brilliance, to communicate a message!"

- Private Equity Advisor for QuantumEntanglementComputing

"... His branding recommendations rocketed our growth. There are people you meet in business whom you find that you want to work with whenever you can. His knowledge of information marketing and positioning is exceptional. When you work with somebody, and you respect their professional knowledge and judgment, you want to work with them again and again, this is Tom.

- President (retired) for SwissRe Division

"... I consider Tom an invaluable resource that would be irreplaceable, even with a full plate, Tom never ceases to offer his expertise on additional marketing efforts within the organization - a true team player. 

- Vice President for Xandros Corporation





DigitalLevers is an award-winning marketing and partner business development shop built for now, and our work encompasses brand identity, partner development, graphics, product packaging, marketing services, digital storytelling, and digital promotion.


Founded by Tom Levers, our structure is unique. We are one of the few technology-savvy digital studios where the owner of the business is the creator, understands the mar-tech foundation of the work, and serves as the primary contact for every client. This reflects our conviction that for a brand to be truly effective, the originator must fully understand how your business works and what your customers want.


Why DigitalLevers?

The only constant is change itself. That’s never been more apparent than in today’s world, where the amount of digital communications we generate grows exponentially, with our use of phones (computers in our hands) marketing with technology is often the most critical part of an effective business outreach plan to grow your business.

Where should you think of investing?

Investment plans are largely dependent upon the exact needs and feasibility.

Bottom line

Your Marketing development is similar to the face of the business that you intend to grow. There is immense competition in the market, and you can‘t afford to lose out in the crowd. The foundation in the clarity of the message is everything.





Tom Levers earned his BA in management from Pace University. At the same time, he graduated with honors from Fairleigh Dickinson University with an MBA in Marketing. He then became a Product Manager at Kraft Foods.


With a remarkable opportunity to work with the Ultimate Corp and market DEC, Tandem, IBM, Dell, and HP software partner companies, he worked with Software and services ranging from Retail Furniture Stores, WMS, Process Oil Refineries, and the GSD. The growing computer industry enticed Tom to apply his Marketing Product Management skills to over 50 verticals... some of them presently are in the Quantum Computing, AI, and Supply Chain B to B markets.


Developing a solid knowledge of the tech business, Tom co-started Promark Software Testing (the leader in Y2K software) and sold it to Compuware. At SwissRe, he built a unique direct response capability in the industry that focused on the Comercial Insurance Underwriting recommendation requirements of the most premier Global Insurance Companies. Similarly, Tom started a JV product and management consulting services business at Tech Mahindra/Satyam. The result was a global solution to the largest enterprises, such as Caterpillar, General Electric, and Amazon, to implement the Six Sigma methodology across their organizations. 


Tom built a partner initiative at Business Layers, a Canaan Partners venture company that was key to its' sale to Computer Associates/Broadcom. At Xandros, he pioneered digital marketing and implemented marketing systems for the Linux Operating System and Microsoft System Center software markets. 


As the owner of ProfitOutDo, this Software-as-a-Service Artificial Intelligence Pricing Analytics start-up was designed for major Gas Pricing/Convenience Retail Stores for its retail gasoline pricing. 


Presently, DigitalLevers supports a range of small and large organizations, businesses, and technology start-ups, including the newest area of venture-backed hardware/services in the category of Quantum Computing, Supply Chain, and Data Analytics Services.


Tom was a pilot before he had a driver's license, has played jazz drums in clubs throughout New York City, has three grown children and grandchildren, and supports The Taproot Foundation offering his Pro Bono Services as one of a dynamic team of professionals working for a wide range of nonprofits.

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