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November 14, 2017

Bridgewater NJ (November, 1, 2017) – Enradius, a Baltimore-based digital marketing company that brings the power of geo-targeted advertising and digital marketing to small and medium-sized businesses, today announced it has added HEX Performance as a client. Enradius will run a digital marketing campaign using zip-code geo-fencing around retailers in targeted regions to increase consumer awareness and sales of HEX Performance products.

HEX Performance offers four solutions for athletes, active families, and those who sweat with its proprietary, technology-enhanced cleaning products for performance gear and apparel: a specialized gear wash; a laundry detergent; an in-wash booster; and a performance spray to clean, deodorize, and protect between washings.

The Enradius campaign identifies potential new HEX customers on ad networks using propensity data and GPS location, then plays a video to those potential consumers in the Rochester, NY and Charlotte, NC markets. Within two weeks that same person see a retargeted ad offering $2 off the product when they are in or near a retail location that carries HEX products, such as Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Target.

“We are an exciting new product in a stale laundry category, and traditionally consumers don’t look for new items in the laundry aisle. Today’s digital marketing innovations means we can identify potential new customers in a targeted radius around the retailers that carry our products, and get our message to those consumers,” said Drew Westervelt, COO of HEX Performance, which is based in Arnold, MD. “We’ve turned to a company in our own region that has that expertise in creating awareness in new markets and that does it in a cost-effective manner through geo-targeted advertising solutions. We’re looking forward to watching the Enradius campaign unfold in these first two markets we’ve targeted.”

HEX Performance joins a growing client roster list at Enradius, including: Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union (AFFCU), Anne Arundel County Public Library, The Clarice Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, 95.1 Shine FM, and Boss Home Inspection Services.

“Our growth in clients over the past few months shows the expanding demand for regionalized services,” said David Carberry, Enradius’ CEO. “Most companies now know that they need to spend money on digital advertising. We’re finding that our clients want to purchase those specialized, targeted digital advertising solutions from a regional company that’s providing the services directly. Our message – that small and mid-sized businesses can effectively market, attract, and retain customers by deploying cost-effective and targeted marketing solutions online – is resonating in the Baltimore and Philadelphia markets.”

Enradius provides geo-targeted advertising and digital marketing solutions by combining a geographical or community-specific radius with the latest, emerging advertising and marketing solutions such as video ads, local search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media, and mobile marketing. Focused on the under-served and over-priced market for small and medium sized businesses, non-profits, and institutions, Enradius’ approach to digital marketing enables various-sized organizations to use the power of zip-code-specific marketing (called geo-targeted advertising) in merging traditional media and social media marketing solutions.


About HEX Performance
Based in Baltimore, MD HEX Performance is the originator of performance cleaning solutions for athletes, active families, and those who sweat. Designed to clean, protect, and maintain apparel and gear to keep you at peak performance, HEX products not only clean and eliminate odors associated with bacteria and mildew, but also restore wickability, provide antistatic properties, and protect gear and apparel with a unique, bonded barrier providing odor-fighting technology. HEX Products are distributed at major retailers, including Target, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, and online at

About Enradius
Enradius captures the power of the merging traditional and digital marketing and advertising by providing tailored, customized marketing and ad services targeted to a distinct geographical region or online community. By providing geo-targeted digital advertising, media, and marketing solutions, Enradius engages existing customers more often and captures new customers when they are within range of a business and ready to buy, delivering increased sales and profit margins at a lower cost and a better ROI. For more information on Enradius visit

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