Partner Alliances between organizations are vital components in business today. Alliances that now use digital marketing range from no more than a fleeting transaction where both parties have a temporary need, to a  prelude to a full merger of companies’, technologies, and capabilities.


Whatever the nature of business alliances, being a good partner is dictated by the relationship between its employees and its crucial assets.  A well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful partnerships gives organizations a significant competitive perspective that is an essential component of a complete business strategy.

Providing an extension to your channel marketing team, working closely with your team.

Developing digital partner marketing tools to better certify, helping partners understand what you know about the buyer’s journey, how buyers consume your digital content, and the role partners can play. 

I will build tools to quickly and effectively drive partner marketing transformation, such as:

- Website, e-newsletter, literature, blog post, and translate to  “Marketing Certification:  Partners in Action” tool set.

- Persona-based content alignment to the buyer’s journey that partners can use.

- Up-skill your partners with the same level of skill as your sales or technical employees so that they can provide support.

- New Partner Outreach

- New Partner Programs

Whatever the nature of your business alliances, good partnerships are dictated by the investment you each invest and receive.


Looking to grow partner alliances is an essential process in increasing traffic and using digital marketing with your partners can uniquely build your business.