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It takes time to create something that truly matters...  but it’s worth it, both regarding the trust you build with customers and the results for your bottom line.


It doesn’t work to simply create a loyalty / referral outreach program and hope someone stumbles upon it. You need to build deep trust with your customers.


Establishing thought leadership content, customer referrals, and loyalty programs is a powerful digital marketing program, and it starts with trust.


Digital or SEO marketers are the equivalent of the used car salesperson of old. They greet with their shiny shoes of social media "friends" and begin promoting their products/services, without a relationship of trust.


Today, more than ever, it’s essential to create trust with potential clients. Only after trust has been built can services or products be sold.



"Some people mistakenly conclude that cultivating compassion is all about others’ benefit, whereas the first benefit is to us. Compassion brings us peace of mind. It attracts friends. Friends are based on trust and trust develops when we show concern for others." 


Dalai Lama





Contact me for a compassionate, "TRUST-ORIENTED" discussion of how to build a more trustworthy digital marketing outreach!


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