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 I want to-know ?

 I want to-go ?

 I want to-do ?

 I want to-plan ?

 I want to-buy ?

U.S. mobile phone users already spend 3 hours 35 minutes per day on their smartphones.


Business, Brands, and marketers have a hard time attracting the attention of their audience.


This is how micro-moment marketing steps in.


GOOGLE SEARCH is a great way to address instant SEO results and supplements Organic Search.



continues to dominate the marketplace with a much more personalized experience for the user than ever before.

 Paid search has a multitude of moving parts. 

  1. Manage SEARCH campaigns to drive targeted, qualified programs that drive PERFORMANCE.

  2. Build strategic insights for long and short-term execution search campaigns.

  3. Drive daily execution and optimization of paid search campaigns bid management and budget allocation, performance monitoring, keyword management, and keyword expansion.

  4. Message-match and optimize ad copy, landing pages, and content assets.

  5. A/B test increased conversion rates, especially on landing pages.

  6. Continuously evaluate to improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

  7. The track, measure, report, for all initiatives.

  8. Post-campaign reports including results, samples, highlights, learnings, and recommendations.

  9. Integrate SEM practice with the SEO practice; analyze SEM/SEO blended reporting to drive KPIs and optimize campaigns.

  10. Maintain relationships with search engines to test new-to-market offerings.

  11. Monitor PPC trends, best practices, and techniques to ensure the right levels, growing in the right areas and leveraging new opportunities.


"MICRO MomenT"


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