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Major Broadcast Media SaaS Company

A Broadcast Media and Entertainment SaaS Company had a significant need to create many marketing documents for an annual Trade Show.

Internal marketing needed support for new Case Studies, Press Release, Website Content, Lead Generation, and Product Reviews on sites like G2, TrustRadius and Capterra.


Challenge :

To allow our customers' internal marketing team to remain focused on promoting and rolling out an entirely new category of software, they needed to do two major projects at one time.
This SaaS company needed the resources to focus on more than one thing.



Handing off some of the workload for their NABSHOW marketing needs was critical. The content from this show is an annual effort and one of the most potent ways for this SaaS company to scale and grow. A successful event is a crucial investment, and the supporting marketing lasts as long as the content is online (which could be forever) and can pay dividends for years to come.
At DigitalLevers, we help software companies develop content marketing plans and execute both the creation and distribution of quality content.



At the kick-off meeting, we understood the situation and conducted industry, keyword, and competitor research to better understand what stories resonate with the audience and what stories will get shared. Using the data compiled from our research, we recommended the best approach for the Broadcast Media market. We reviewed the existing growth channels that the organization has embraced and determined which channels will drive the most ROI.
Our team, together with the internal team, defined the content assets. The content we developed was a success story that can be translated into a range of content, including a Website Case Study Page, Press Release, Direct email and multiple Blog posts. We defined how this content was used for both Inbound and Outbound to drive results that started with the Annual Event.​



t was a success to share this content at the NAB SHOW. We implemented the distribution strategies identified earlier in the process and helped their message spread. We knew the importance of diverse distribution channels in SaaS and collaborated with the CEO to identify the networks, communities and opportunities to capitalize on. The Sucess Story was picked up by a major industry online and print periodical. In addition, it added organic search to their website and was later implemented in reviews found on sites like G2, TrustRadius and Capterra, as well as in Email Campaigns and Blogs.​​



This case study underscores our commitment to client success. We not only exceeded the client's expectations but also demonstrated our ability to harness the power of digital marketing in a way that catapults brands to new heights. With data-driven strategies, a holistic approach, and relentless dedication, we helped this brand grow and support its sales funnel.

Are you ready to take your digital marketing to the next level?
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