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Boosting Partner Success


An online audiobook and podcast service allowing users to purchase and stream audiobooks and other spoken word content recognized they needed an improved channel incentive to provide relevant solutions for all roles that reward both sales and non-sales partner behaviours.

DigitalLevers recommended personalizing the channel partner program to help achieve gains in engagement, sales, support, and customer experience. We first identified their best partners. The SaaS company was interested in home-grown technology, inflexible processes and stand-alone incentive programs that were often confusing and difficult to drive engagement among different audiences. Not to mention all the administrative burden.

DigitalLevers client agreed that the answer is a single enterprise-class platform built to accommodate concurrent programs for sales and non-sales audiences.

This will increase performance and engagement for partner types, roles, incentives and go-to-market strategies with a responsive (and experienced) team ready to support.


Challenge :

Assembling requirements to define the appropriate Partner Portal was the challenge. One of the features was identifying the best-fit platform that used pre-built modules and only customized where needed. 



The key was to improve the user experience with a personalized engagement hub. Aggregate everything a partner needs to be successful while driving the adoption of enablement tools and performance incentives.
Minimize participation obstacles by providing a responsive interface that allows participants to access the hub at any time from any device. To further ensure a seamless experience, we can help you build a complementary mobile app.



Increased participation was the one main execution goal. Getting incentives up and going quickly and running relevant promotions concurrently based on audience, motivation type, time frame and desired behaviors. 
Upon consolidation of the client’s four award fulfillment suppliers to two, DigitalLevers served as the main point of contact with a transition plan led by a team of experts. As a true partner and expert we also supported the client with a branded prepaid card for award fulfillment while elevating overall incentive strategy. 



The organization began seeing actual results, including increased customer-facing email creativity, recommendations based on industry experience and personalized data, and assistance with legal aspects of sweepstakes and promotions. 
There became a clear picture of how current promotions/sweepstakes were faring, and data-based recommendations took the incentives to the next level. A clean design and simple UX flow allowed customers to sign up for the promotion directly from their online account. Getting stuck in an incentive rut is easy, but it’s essential not to settle.
The client realized increased customer engagement, including a 71% higher email open rate that led to more activations during the promotion. They also gained incremental confidence that their promotion satisfied legal compliance.



The key to a successful partnership is to really get to know each other. Frequent communication touch points between the organization's needs. Tuning what truly resonates with the Partner is key. It’s easy to get stuck in an incentive rut, but it’s important not to settle.

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