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Global AI Underwriting Insurance SaaS Division Raises its Brand Awareness

How Backlinks with an Innovative Outreach Turn Into Leads

  • Discover your top competitors by seeing domains you share the most common backlinks with.

  • Assess your competitors’ backlink profile size and see their built and lost links for a specific time period.

  • Find your untapped and missing opportunities based on your top backlinks.

  • See your competitors’ referring domains and IPs to discover the most important partners you can try to get links from.

  • Check your competitors’ content that got the most backlinks and consider covering these topics on your site.


Challenge :

The top challenge for the Global AI Underwriting Insurance SaaS Division was to raise its brand awareness and compete with other Insurance Underwriting methods. To break through, DigitalLevers was charted to boost its Direct Response capability, which works best by securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative and reliable websites, all received in an organically.



The team realized that by increasing the email reply rate and open rate, the number of backlinks gained would be expected to grow as well. To achieve this, they applied a unique SEO outreach strategy that consisted of messaging designed by DigitalLevers strategists, sophisticated research capabilities, pinpoint targeting of articles and authors or those in charge of high-quality domains, and then combining the data stack and SEO algorithms to finally scale outreach capabilities with new backlink specialists.



Organic traffic has the highest conversion rates into appointments, sales, and then loyal clients.By combining SEO knowledge with an innovative sales approach to outbound outreach, the team achieved significant SEO growth. In a particular period under study, out of 450 companies the link builders reached out to, the Global AI Underwriting Insurance SaaS Company gained 30 unique high-quality backlinks, all linking to the content using anchor text of their strategic choice.



Among the most impressive achievements included ranking in the top ten search results for very high-volume keyword search queries per month, a number one keyword with 2,400 search queries per month, and a top-five keyword with 1,000 search queries per month.
The result is Organic SEO, which translates to leads at the top of the sales funnel.



DigitalLevers experts have created powerful messaging which serves its purpose, gaining much attention from the recipients. Moreover, the company’s expertise can be translated into your organizations sales outreach. This successful implementation does not work for every product in every market. The key is to understand the criteria of SEO backlink strategy with the help of an experienced team of industry experts, salespeople and campaign strategists.

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