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2021 PREDICTION... divergence is needed for your Digital Properties to stand apart from the others.

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

How to implement?

The method is a better digital presence:

  1. - visuals (360 product views, orientation for mobile, video, and more large images),

  2. - details (so your customers can easily spend more time learning), and

  3. - function (prioritizing mobile, bots, thought leadership, divergent messaging).

The Result - customers and prospects view your product or service uniquely as a TREND.

How do all businesses create trends?

-Think globally and act locally.

-Testimonials from Thought Leaders.

-Creative Design and Colors (, etc.

-Website, Social, Mobile Text become a way of existence.

-Retro and Futuristic elements in the design are Cool Trends, i.e., Vintage anything; as well as early adopters of new innovative tech, i.e., the Brand Value of Pelaton, not the old Nordick Track, etc.

-Start Planning Now for Community Outreach. With COVID seclusions and vaccinations on the horizon, now is the time to reach out for planning to Local Nonprofits, Education Workshops, Employee volunteers, all tracked by a form or page on your website (measured with analytics).

Big businesses jump on trends by:

-Teaming up with LifeStyle leaders like hip

hop star and style icon Travis Scott, with McDonald's and VideoGame Fortnite.

-Services or Tech Companies that Inspire Others or Trendy News, i.e., C3.AI (a hot filed IPO), Shopify (IPO), Airbnb (IPO), or New Foodie Direct to Consumer (FreshDirect, FarmBox, Perfectly Imperfect).

-Advances in Technology like Distributed Cloud, New Data Approaches, Faster Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Immersive (AR and VR), IOT Edge-based devices, Blockchain (crypto sign, irrevocable and traceable records) and more.

-Large Corp Services can create unique customer loyalty offers, i.e., limited Disney films and vacation offers, Unique Branded Mobile Apps, etc.

-Using products in a new way, i.e., Oreo's are in everything, Ranch Dressing or Honey is becoming the new Ketchup, etc.

How can Main Street Businesses apply this knowledge:

Commission an Indoor or Outdoor Mural that is uniquely reflecting the community and your business and post the making of on your digital sites.

-Promote Pet Friendly

-Best 2021 Covid Mask Contest with Polaroid-like photos on display.

-Topical Business Signage (use a local Artist/Musician for a sidewalk chalkboard, Distinctive Business Cards, Post Card mailings creatively produced from companies like Moo or designed by Canva or others.

The Takeaway

In 2021, you can not be a follower and generate thought leadership and long term digital presence! Past successes may stop marketing innovation, and sustaining a trending business requires constant vigilance. Enterprises need to have values to guide their continuous renewal or newness. Just follow your path and attach it to your brand to trending awareness and engagement around your whole Digital and non-Digital efforts.

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