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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The number one way to supercharge your website is with new copy. There are many reasons to update your website. Your business evolves, your competition adapts, trends change, design restricts your organic search, and much more, but really, the copy is everything.

Your website copy approach comes down to two issues:


Your brand should stand out... your creative copy engages your reader to want to learn more! Maybe your brand voice no longer resonates with the customer, or your old web design dictated copy strategy.


Optimization gets people to read your creative... your creative campaign won't reach the relevant target audience without it.

How is it Done?

Research, Research, Research... Website, Social, and Search content development requires researching, but what should you be considering?

  1. Buyer Characteristics - Understanding your audience and creating a set of buyer characteristics is critical. Offering copy that attracts your customers before entering the buyer's journey and giving follow-up to take action is critical.

  2. Content Strategy - A multi-channel approach is key to content. Identifying the most relevant digital channels for your brand will increase your target audience's chance of seeing your multi-channel to website content.

  3. Keyword Research - Keywords determine success in content topics because you can see the search volume of a specific phrase and see if enough people who fit your buyer characteristics are searching for it. For example, your website's long-tail organic search result works great without paying any money for search ads. Using software for keywords to define your brand based on your site's domain important. Tools for keywords can help you get insightful data, enabling you to research the entire market. The software tool then generates a whole list of related terms.

  4. Topic Research - (see Marketing Land) to help you with your brainstorming efforts.



Website copy can ignite excitement yet rarely gets the priority it deserves.

Poor or confusing copy makes everything else on your website look weak. Ultimately, investing your time, budget, and dedication into your website's text is one of the smartest business decisions you can make.

If it's been forever since you updated your site (maybe because you have a social page on the same site), you are missing the point. The result of feeling the need to consider search while striving for the story will invigorate search analytics while creating reliable content that satisfies your readers' education.

There is an absolute website harmony that exists between good Creativity and Search website copy.


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