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Updated: May 22, 2022

Unless you have something exciting to say, modern buyers are just not interested.

Marketers' are sometimes guilty of saying anything! Often a great approach is to engage Sellers' Prospects with a point of view... it sounds less sales-like... it is less intrusive. The Marketers' goal is to lead with something intriguing, that hooks their prospects.

When buyers (often without realizing it) give the marketer attention, they implicitly provide sellers their permission to sell to them; that's the point when sellers have earned the right to sell. At that point, sellers can talk about what they're selling and all the benefits to the buyers.

In other words... Successful Marketers are aligned with Sellers when they make the Seller valuable to their Buyers.

So how do you stay aligned?

When Marketing decides to run a campaign, we all get into a room and create a messaging. There's only one problem with this approach often. Sales ideas are left out of the loop, and when that happens, the entire campaign suffers, so both teams must work together to determine the audience and a cadence for follow-up.

Marketing tactics like Webinars and Direct Mail are an essential part of a healthy demand generation strategy. By partnering with your sales team, you can determine which regions and cities need the most attention and focus your event strategy on the accounts that matter the most. Not only do you want to agree with Sales on goals, but you also want them to be on board with the activities you're doing to hit those goals. Getting Sales involved at the campaign level helps with overall alignment and provides some beneficial insight.

The bottom line is the sales organization is a critical customer of the marketing team.

Some things just obviously go together better!

Peanut butter and jelly.

Beach days and ice cream.

Sales and Marketing Teams

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