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Want Better Sales? Add Exit Triggers to Your Website!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Exit Technology on your website detects when your visitors are leaving. This is very powerful.

What would you say to your visitor before they leave?

If you are attracting new visitors to your website, but nothing happens after they visit, chances are you're not giving them options to stay in touch with you to communicate your value.

To assure you are:

1 - providing enough or the correct information,

2 - or have a "call-to-action",

3 - or capturing your visitors' information to help you build a newsletter or solid list to nurture your leads with the right content later,

it is critical to use Exit Technology.

For example, prospects visiting your website and subscribing to your newsletter communications will only do so because something valuable comes from that action.

No matter what additional information, a free trial, a demo, signing up for a download, or getting news on product releases, you have to make sure that the value is clearly stated on your site at all times and across your channels, reminding your visitor prior to exiting.

This action is an ideal resource for building a solid contact list from your website's "Exit" since they catch visitors' attention.

Additionally, you can set them up to only display for a specific segment of your audience, such as returning visitors or visitors in particular locations or visiting a particular page (whatever represents the hottest leads for your business). Even if they are very effective, be careful when using them, and ensure a quality user experience when including them.

An exit screen is the only good pop-up implementation choice since it won't interrupt the navigation. For example, in the e-commerce sector, this element can salvage up to 35% of otherwise lost visitors. An example of an exit pop-up displayed after visiting the pricing page, you can easily create a form for the process of adding new subscribers to your lists in the platform and add it directly on your website or landing page. Also, remember to select the double opt-in confirmation process and keeping the number of fields as low as possible.

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