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We have all heard "Content is King".

Content delivery is the new marketing/advertising. It can play an important role in a multi-platform marketing communications strategy. It also requires people, processes, and technology to master this continuous customer engagement approach.

Building a content marketing strategy and planning an approach to move customers through the customer journey to build a lasting relationship with the customer.

Your content plans

Content needs to yield strategic insights into how to connect with customers; it needs to drive results for your business.

Here is a Content Marketing Process:

  • Strategize and Plan. Before creating anything, understand your target. Your plan starts by defining your business goals, marketing objectives, and KPIs, informed by SEO trends and an innovative keyword approach.

  • Measure and Manage. With Key Performance Metrics and analytics reporting, you'll no longer need to guess if your efforts are working.

  • Create and Deploy. Next is to build an editorial calendar by creating content mapped to your buying cycle and tailored to your customers.

Key deliverables

A complete and documented strategy highlights content marketing goals, business objectives, and recommendations for best engaging with your customers through content. Include:

  • Target audience personas

  • Keyword strategy and suggestions for content themes

  • Documented customer journey

  • Measurement and optimization plan

Connecting with customers and prospects

Content strategy and planning to generate strategic insights into connecting with customers in a highly effective and personalized manner that drive your business results.

  • Key messaging points to answer the questions customers have at every stage of the customer journey.

  • Review analytics data in real-time.

  • Recommendations for content execution will include content types, delivery channels, paid distribution recommendations, and an editorial calendar.


You’d think that at this point, content marketing is building a big following but things are not as they seem at a first glance.

Marketing needs to work hard to keep your prospect and customers’ interest. I have tried to point some of the best practices with this article and hopefully, I have managed to adapt them to your business or website that needs to market its services through content marketing.

However, I am sure that if you follow the aforementioned steps, you will be successful as well.

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