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Updated: Feb 12

Live Stream -Branding with Authenticity

It is just your phone so keep it simple and have some fun. Below are some simple ideas:

1. On the Street

The first and easiest way to get started is to host a quick interview at your location , no matter where you are. FYI, your Live Video doesn’t need to focus on a person or product to make it interesting. If you have a unique location, providing a tour in real time, it can be a huge opportunity for you to reach out to loyal fans.

2. Teach viewers how to do something

The first rule in creating content for your audience is to provide value in everything you do. One of the easiest ways to do this is to teach your audience how to do something. This can be easy if the instruction is on a task you already know very well. The helpful resource was a great way to connect with fans and build an even larger audience.

3. Stream an exclusive interview while joining forces with an Influencer

Co-marketing is one of a marketer’s strongest tools. By teaming up with another company or influencer, you can increase your exposure to potential customers. By identifying a key thought leader in the same or similar area as your business and featuring him or her Live broadcast.The key to co-marketing is creating a mutually beneficial relationship. For example a Meditation or Yoga instructor demonstrates how to use a chair for those who cannot use a mat. Create a live video to move toward your respective marketing goals. Even if you don’t want to be in your live video, you can easily shine the spotlight on someone else. By interviewing others, they provided an opportunity to engage with additional fans and promote your event.

4. Announce a new product

Just as Apple transformed their product announcements into media and brand awareness events, you can create a social media firestorm for your upcoming product release. The secret is to build anticipation and have a prepared performance that engages viewers throughout the video. Even if your product is in a “boring” industry, a new release can be big news for your most devoted fans, who will expand your reach to those unfamiliar with it.

5. Explain a product or service

If you’re struggling to conceptualize a Live video that would work for your audience and brand, consider showing a product you’ve already created. Don’t worry about announcing something new or teaching how to do something with the product. Simply show the product you have to offer in real time. This is a great way to allow yourself to be more relaxed since you’re talking about something you already know. It’s also a great way to pull off a live video even if you hate being filmed.

6. Announce breaking news

When an event happens that affects your brand, you should live to stream it. This is a great way to provide a sense of information through new channels in much the same way that traditional media channels like TV and radio offer. To make this work, you’ll need to decide on the event you’d like to broadcast. Oftentimes, this is something recent that you won’t have time to prepare. For other events, like holidays, special festivities, or even environmental events, you can and should plan in advance. If you’re the main source of live information during a breaking news event, you’ll acquire a huge amount of brand awareness without the expense or effort such a reach usually entails.

8. Show off your brand

You need to take advantage of this medium. One of the best parts of the live video is that it provides you with a unique opportunity to show your brand personality. In order to make this work, you’ll need to have a particular kind of event or focus for your video to provide a casual and transparent glimpse into your company. If you’re a personal brand, this is a particularly potent way for you to show your personality.

9. Live Events

If you have a live event to display, it can be a great way to show off your brand and develop huge awareness by broadcasting the events that are taking place. When the American Music Awards broadcast their ceremony live, they used a large team of reporters and different stages for their massively popular video. Of course, most smaller brands and startups don’t have this kind of budget. But that isn’t a problem. If you have a regular event, you can promote it without a special, dedicated team. Along the same vein, Starbucks filmed their participation on voter registration day using a simple live feed of the events as they unfolded. No matter the size of your brand and budget, you can make live video work for an event just by broadcasting it as it takes place.

10. Give behind-the-scenes details

If you have something happening at your company headquarters, it’s a great time to show viewers the behind-the-scenes details they’d miss out on otherwise. You can create huge audience excitement with these type of videos, especially if you provide exclusive content with someone well-known or an event that will release soon. Target streamed behind-the-scenes footage such as setting up event. Even if you don’t have a celebrity connection that will help skyrocket your brand awareness, you can still create content that’s engaging and exciting for your most event attendees. Just look to find exclusive content that shows the perspective of what the viewer is used to seeing.

11. Run a contest

If you want to explode your brand engagement and awareness in a way that’s so simple it feels like cheating, you need to run a contest. By creating a contest, you start off with massive brand awareness through what you have to offer the winner. But by using a Facebook Live video, you can create an even more engaging experience. Just announce the winner of the contest via live video. Not only will the video attract the views of everyone who entered the contest, you’ll get views from the friends of those waiting to see if someone close to them wins the grand prize. It’s a great way to expand the viewing audience of your brand.

Time to have some fun


Live Stream

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