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Organizations who need Local Search rankings need to look at it differently than the past. The fact is that it has never been more important for small and regional businesses to make their presence known.

Google loves to self promote Google, so to rank well in searches that take place on the platform, businesses must comply with certain Google best practices.

But Facebook is key to Google Ranking, because 80% of US social networks connect to brands through Facebook... like it or not, you need to start optimizing your business’s Facebook.

So, make sure you use this as a checklist that your maximizing your local brand by applying these "Best Practices for Page Ranking Locally":

  1. Continuous Keyword research, (Pretend You Are A Customer Using SEARCH)

  2. Improve and update your "Google My Business" knowledge panel (Its Critical for Local Brands

  3. Facebook and other social media in your SEO strategies helps you win higher page ranking such as:

  4. Get the Best Facebook

  5. Choose the Right Facebook Business Page Name

  6. Claim Your Vanity URL to Boost Facebook SEO

  7. Place Keywords in Facebook Strategic Locations

  8. Include Address In Your Social Media to Boost Your Local SEO

  9. Link to Your Facebook Business Page

  10. Post Direct Links to Your Website on Your Facebook Page

  11. Make Reputation Management "Job One" (Success Evidence)

  12. Manage your other website reputation (Yelp, reviews),

  13. Press Releases/Thought Leadership power links on reputable sites,

  14. Optimize your website for search engines,

  15. Develop authentic content that your audience will value,

  16. Design your website for organic results and,

  17. Build with website technology that addresses Mobile, Page Load, SSL, Geo-location is important (so they can find you), Video, etc.

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