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Updated: May 29, 2022

"buy-in" from internal employees, your partners, and your agency services.

When you think of MARKETING EFFORTS, you don't think of SELLING INTERNALLY.

In a large or small organization, implementing an integrated marketing plan most likely requires a unique communications message that sells many levels of employees and outside service agencies that are all part of the team.

Your first marketing efforts are not customers, but senior managers, employees, and your outside partners.

What are the supporting tools to communicate buy-in? Use Agile* Project Management Tools for plug-and-play Agile Marketing, Marketing Project Management Suites for integrated platforms, Collaboration Solutions Groups, and even the basic Slide Decks; but in addition, don't forget your primary or secondary Research Data, and Stakeholders' Social Media. All this and more help the marketer implement successful Brand Campaigns.

With "buy-in" companies need to communicate to employees the "why we are doing this" that defines when the organization is experiencing a fundamental challenge or change when employees seek direction and are relatively receptive to new branding initiatives.

Linking internal to external marketing is key to consistent messaging sent to the marketplace.

The best internal campaign communications introduce and explain the brand message in new and attention-grabbing ways and then reinforce those messages by weaving them into the company's fabric. If everyone is not rowing in the same direction, they will ultimately weaken their organizations.

THe takeaway...

Internal branding campaigns have the opportunity to bring the new brand value proposition alive, creating an emotional connection to the company that transcends to a better experience that will send your brand campaign on the road to success.

*Everyone should not implement Agile practices; it is for only the largest! My Agile Marketing experience is not practical for most marketing teams; it's only for the Fortune 500 and Big Ad Agencies. A typical McKinsey engagement in the most prominent corporations implements Agile Marketing. Want to learn more about how the most famous companies implement the Step-By-Step implementation? You should research Agile Marketing from McKinsey & Company.

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