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Content Pillars And Your Social Media Calendar

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

What are Content Pillars?

Content pillars are what is in your Value Proposition and its many forms; driving consistently to promote, amplify, and create content for your website, social media, and sales / in-person discussions.

Content pillars are where your organization's strategy and tactics intersect. It helps your people and organization to maintain your messaging clarity.

It's sometimes called The Big Idea, Value Proposition, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and Elevator Pitch, which all have your Content Pillars within them. For all involved, it is key to communicating and creating outreach with consistency now or months in advance.

Content Pillars Help You Stay Focused on Social Media

With your Social Media content, it can encompass multiple themes that often can confuse your messaging. So keep your content messaging consistent using the goals of your content pillars.

Social Media Content Pillar examples:

  • An independent coffee shop could focus primarily on its featured specialty foods and coffees with a perspective of the dates, products, and events.

  • Insurance provider's content pillars could be their coverage topics or speed of customer service and claims.

  • A tech firm could focus on entrepreneurship, customer tips, and business or personal success stories.

  • A fashion/hair content creator's pillars could be street style, body positivity, beauty, and mindset.

Your Take Away From Using Content Pillars


Plan Your Social Media Monthly Content Calendar

Create A Calander That Has These 3 Content Types:

1. Make note of important dates, like upcoming holidays or launch days in your calendar.

2. Create one Long-form content a week (YouTube videos, podcasts, longer Blog Posts, New Website Content, etc.). Plan one piece of Long content per week, as they require more time for you to create.

3. Reference your Pillar content in all your short-form comments, like your website Blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter posts.

This Content Plan will give you a professional look and monthly plan that can be reviewed, adapted in realtime, and studied with and by others in your organization for direction and leadership. It will allow you to achieve your goals, schedule, delivering a confident and consistent plan with your complete organization.

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