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How to Grow Your Business

Businesses need to look at managing their PPC and focusing on their goals. From Google Ads to Facebook ads, and evaluating how to reach buyers on the paid platforms that are most effective. Over the years, I have managed millions of dollars of PPC budget and learned what makes a significant PPC effort.

What are the PPC ad platforms?

  • Google Ads (Search & Display Network)

  • Google Shopping

  • Bing Advertising

  • YouTube Advertising

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Linkedin Ads

  • Twitter Ads

  • Remarketing/Retargeting (across search engines and social platforms)

What Tasks are needed?

  • Bid Management

  • Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments

  • Geo-targeting Improvements

  • Keyword Management

  • Ad Copy Optimization and Testing

  • Landing Page Performance Review

  • Cost and Performance Analysis

  • Check-In Calls/Meetings

  • Monthly Campaign Performance Report

How Is It Done?

Your PPC account is an asset. You paid for it to be built and optimized, and you should own it, regardless of who is managing your PPC.

Optimize for Your Goals... You care about leads and sales, not clicks, impressions, click-through-rate (CTR), or other vanity metrics. The key is to only optimize for the metrics your business understands and cares about.

No Tech Speak... Don’t get confused with a bunch of PPC technical terminology. You need straight-forward reports that your executive management team can easily understand and see the value in.

Integrate With All Marketing... PPC strategy must always be integrated with the larger overall marketing strategy, creating new opportunities and efficiencies.

No Long-Term Commitments... PPC's best way to show results is to do a fantastic job.

Set a New High Score... Setting a goal is to develop a new high score. I am passionate about showing how much we can improve when given the opportunity. It’s not uncommon to increase conversions by 50-90% (while driving down the costs) in the first several months.

PPC Campaigns are about what gets results. Many clients misconstrue receiving lots of impressions or clicks as the best measure of PPC campaign success. While generating awareness and traffic are undoubtedly good things, it is about gathering enough data to make smart, informed decisions and drive business.


Marketing analytics should shed light on the interactions that drive revenue... Phone conversations are an untapped source of insight, particularly in categories like services (finance, healthcare, etc.) and even Small Businesses of any type.

While it may be easier to measure and optimize email open-rates or website visits, business and marketers need insight into the conversations that are converting to sales. That means analyzing phone calls the same way as any other marketing activity. Always ask 'How Did You Hear of Us?"

In today’s uncertain economic and public health environment, it is more important than ever before to make decisions that are grounded in facts and connected to revenue. Effective use of data and analytics can help marketers stay anchored to their customers’ changing reality and focused on their moments of truth.

With that data in hand, you can fine-tune your campaigns and deliver real sales with results based PPC.

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