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Take Control of Your Main Street Listings

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

So now more than ever it is important to update and optimize your Google My Business. Here are two examples of how to improve your listing:


It is bare and unattractive. It does not signal that it is an active and trustworthy business. Most importantly it does not invite



Your Google My Business is engaging and accurate, especially with constant COVID-19 changes.

As people search on their phones or computers this listing has inviting photos, reviews, lists your website, hours open, phone number, and even has Questions and Answers. There is no doubt that this is an active Business.

Best of all it is FREE for you to improve your listing!

Google My Business continues to be one of the most important tools for any local business. Particularly for businesses that are continually searching for locally. You can try this yourself from your phone. Type in “Hairdressers or Electricians [your location]” and note what comes up first! Then start with a business closer to you. “Functional Medicine Practitioners [your location]’, Doctors [your location]. What is it that you see? Yes, the first results for business and location-specific data are from Google My Business listings and maps.

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